geekspeak training was set up to help technical professionals improve their presentational and public speaking skills.

We help professionals communicate their ideas clearly, effectively and memorably.

We specialise in the following areas:

  • Working with start-ups on investment pitches
  • Sales pitch coaching
  • Pre-conference preparations and coaching
  • Presentation slide design
  • Helping technical professionals improve their presentation and public speaking skills.


Presenting is not just about talking.

It's about getting others to adopt your way of thinking, to get them interested in knowing more and most importantly to get them to buy into your ideas and products.

Learn how to:

  • deliver a clear effective message
  • tailor your presentation to embrace your audience’s needs
  • ensure that your message sticks with your clients long after your presentation is over
  • use storytelling to persuade
  • connect and interact with your audience

Speechwriting – we can help you shape and carve your speech so that your message is clear and memorable.

Preparation and Practice – at a certain stage of practice you need an audience, we can be that audience, letting you know what works and what can be enhanced, helping you to present confidently and professionally.

Delivery - Learn how to use your voice and body language to add strength and emphasis to you words

Presentation Design – great visuals really hammer your message home, we can assist in making the visual component stand out and complement your spoken message.